Motorola 800MHZ Walkie Talkie SmartNet Radio MTX960

Frequency Range: 136-174MHz 403-470MHz , 800MHz
Storage Channel: 16
Dimensions: 137mm x 57.5mm x 37.5mm
Weight: With LiIon Battery 358g



The MTX960 is a smart choice for an organisation because it offers extra features to expand your communication needs and enhance your operational efficiency. Building on the basic features of the MTX900, the MTX960 has the following additional features.

Audio Technology

As with any radios, sound quality is critical for effective communications. Motorola’s MTX900 and MTX960 Trunked system radio series can be heard in almost any environment because of LLE and noise cancelling microphone.

Wideband and Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/20/25 kHz)

The wideband technology and programmable channel spacing of 12.5/20/25 kHz offer flexibility & easy migration should channel spacing requirement expand.

Automatic Multiple Site Selection (AMSS)

The AMSS feature extends communications beyond the reach of a single trunked site. In a system where multiple trunking sites are used to extend coverage; the AMSS will automatically switch the radio to a different site when the current site signal becomes too weak. Thus ensuring users continuous radio communications.

Emergency Alarm*

An emergency function is provided to alert the dispatcher. This function is activated by pushing an easily accessible orange button on the top of the radio. These calls are processed by the trunking system with the highest priority to ensure that they get through as quickly as possible.

Selective Radio Inhibit

In situations when the radios have been stolen or are missing, the selective radio inhibit feature will enable the dispatcher to remotely disable the radios for greater security.

Talkgroup Scan

Provides effortless scanning combination of talkgroups and conventional channels for messages, and monitoring of channels in a multiple system environment.

Dual Mode Capability

Enables user the convenience of selecting either both trunked or conventional operation providing maximum systems flexibility.

Failsoft Operation

In the event of a trunked system or central controller failure, radio conversation is still possible in failsoft mode. Upon indication of the central controller failure, the radio will automatically revert to a preassigned voice channel and operate in a non-trunked repeater mode.

Lithium Ion Battery Option

The Lithium Ion battery option provides high capacity battery at a lighter weight; allowing users to communicate for a longer period of time.

LCD Display

The 14 character alpha-numeric display contains useful icons and information; such as instant talkgroup ID, radio signal strength indicator and a battery gauge icon are value-added features to optimise communication efficiency.

90 Modes

Allows for up to 90 modes to keep large diverse user talkgroups constantly in touch with each other.

Intuitive Menus

Easy to use menus and an alpha-numeric phonebook/contact list make the radiosimple and easy to use.

Unlimited Private Call

In addition to receiving a one-to-one call, the MTX960 is also able to send one-to-one radio call through the pre-programmed list or via direct entry from the keypad.

Unlimited Call Alert

MTX960 will display the caller ID of the latest missed calls from the menu screen via a series of audible signals, ensuring that a page will be received. Users can also send their Call Alert page via pre-programmed list or direct keypad entry.

Telephone Interconnect

Allows user to receive and make telephone call through the trunked system, thus expanding their communication coverage. In addition, dialing can also be via the user editable phone book or direct keypad entry.

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2. Specifications



Channel Capacity



136-174 MHz; 403-470MHz 800MHZ

Dimension (mm)

High capacity NiMH battery  137 x 57.5 x 37.5

Ultra high capacity NiMH battery 137 x 57.5 x 40.0

NiCD battery 137 x 57.5 x 40.0

Li-Ion battery 137 x 57.5 x 33.0

Weight (g)

Standard high capacity NiMH battery 420

Ultra high capacity NiMH battery 500

NiCD battery 450

Li-Ion battery 350

Power Supply

Rechargeable battery 7.5v

Operating temperature:                    -20°C  to +55°C


Passes rain testing per IP54

Shock & Vibration

Diecast with impact resistance polycarbonate housing, Meets MIL-STD810C/D/E/F

Dust & Humidity

Weather resistant housing Meets MIL-STD810C/D/E/F


Frequency Stability

<-119 dBm (0.25uV)

Adjacent Channel Selectivity

> 70dB (25kHz), >65dB (12.5kHz)



Spurious Rejection


Audio Distortion


Hum and Noise


Conducted Emission

< -57dBm for below 1GHz

< -47dBm for above 1GHz

Audio Output @ <5% Distortion

500mW (at 24 ohm)



High Power        5W

Low Power         1W


High Power        4W

Low Power         1W

Modulation Limiting

≤ 5khz (25kHz)

≤ 2.5khz (12.5kHz)

Spurs and Harmonics

9kHz - 1GHz < -36dBm

> 1GHz < -30dBm

Frequency Stability (-30°C to +60°C)

+/- 2.5ppm

FM Hum & Noise

> 40dB

Adjacent Channel Power

-60 dB @ 12.5 kHz;-70 dB @ 20/25 kHz

Audio Response

+1, -3 dB

Audio Distortion


3. Shipping

4. Payment Terms

EEC. accept online payment method--Paypal, which takes data encryption technology to make Paypal pay safe enough, so customers no need to worry about the private infomation betraied. And Paypal is convenient for customers and sellers to trade. Seller could send Invoice first to customer for making payment. To avoid customers do not know how to make payment.

Offline payment also be accepted -- Telegraphic Transfer (TT), Western Union, MoenyGram which is convenient, reasonable, simple and Global.




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