Motorola Two Way Radio HT1250 Full-Keypad

Frequency Range: VHF 136-174MHz; UHF 403-470MHz
Storage Channel: 128
Dimensions: 137 x 57.5 x 37.5 mm
Weight: 420g


1. Features

HT1250 The Versatile Radio The HT1250™ portable radio is an essential tool for growing organizations because of its unique versatility. The radio offers a full menu of advanced signaling features, including paging or calling selective radios or groups. Users can store information such as phone numbers, call lists and radio IDs for easy access. And with Motorola's unique X-Pand™ technology, audio clarity is superb–even in noisy surroundings. The large LCD display is extremely helpful in large communication networks and critical situations. The radio of choice is the HT1250™ portable. It’s the radio that changes with your needs.

• Small, Light weight and Durable

• Available in Limited and Full Keypad Models

• 1 2. 5 /2 5 kHz Switchable Channel Spacing

• Clock with Alarm

• Battery Status Indicator

• Telephone Interconnect Capable

• Option Board Capabilities

2. Specifications


 Frequency Range

 VHF: 136~174MHz

 UHF: 403~470MHz450-520MHz

 Memory Channel


 Channel spacing


 Operating Temperature


 Operating Voltage

 DC 7.5V


 137 x 57.5 x 37.5 mm



Transmission Part

 Output power

 VHF: 1-5W

 UHF: 1-4W

 Frequency stability


 Hum and Noise

≤-40dB (12.5kHz)

 ≤-45dB (25kHz)

 Adjacent Channel Power

 60 dB (12.5 kHz)

 70 dB (20 and 25 kHz)

 4FSK Digital Modulation

 12.5 kHz Data: 7K60F1D and 7K60FXD

 12.5 kHz Voice: 7K60F1E and 7K60FXE

 Combination of 12.5 kHz Voice and Data: 7K60F1W

 Modulation Limiting

 ± 2.5 kHz @ 12.5 kHz

 ± 4.0 kHz @ 20 kHz

 ± 5.0 kHz @ 25 kHz

Reception Part

 Analog Sensitivity

 0.16 uV

 Digital Sensitivity

 0.14 uV


 70 dB

 Adjacent Channel Selectivity

 60 dB (12.5 kHz)

 70 dB (20/25 kHz)

 Spurious Rejection


 Hum and Noise

 -40 dB (12.5 kHz)

 -45 dB (25 kHz)

3. Shipping

4. Payment Terms

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