Analogue Portable Two Way Radio KENWOOD TK2000 VHF

Frequency Range: VHF 144 - 174 MHz
Storage Channel: 16
weight: 203g with Li-ion Battery
Dimensions: 54 x 113 x 24.9 mm


1. Features

Slim, thin and light – KENWOOD’s TK-2000 is supremely easy to handle and to operate. Yet this handy compact radio is extremely reliable, meeting the famously tough MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F and G specifications. With its well-balanced performance, it makes perfect business sense – especially for inventory control and service industry operations.

Thinner and lighter – the TK-2000 is ideal for hooking on a belt or even slipping into a coat pocket. The slim design fits neatly in your hand and it weighs only 203g with the Li-Ion battery.

This compact, user-friendly portable offers a total of 16 channels, and each can be assigned a QT and DQT tone key to eliminate unwanted signals. You can also assign the 16th channel, if free, to the scan function. This added convenience means that the PF key is freed up for some other function.

The side PF key can be programmed for enhanced operating ease, while the adjustable Hold feature doubles the number of functions at yourfingertips.

The TK-2000 is ready for use immediately after purchase. It comes with all necessary accessories, including a charger, battery pack and antenna. A handy belt clip is also provided. There is no need to buy extra accessories for normal operation.

The TK-2000 is built to survive hard knocks, drops and all-weather environments. It meets or exceeds the stringent IP54 dust and water intrusion standards as well as the MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F & G environmental standards.

- Ultra Thin (W x H x D: 54 x 113 x 24.9 mm)

- Lightweight (203g with Li-ion Battery)

- 16 Channels with Scan Function

- 4W (350-390 MHz) Models

- Programmable Function Key with Hold

- All-in-one Package(Antenna, Li-ion Battery, Rapid Charger and Belt Clip)

- IP54 dust and water intrusion standards

- MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F & G environmental standards

- QT / DQT signaling

- DTMF Enc. (PTT ID, Autodial)

- Priority Scan

- Windows® Programming and Tuning

- Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth

- VOX ready

- Battery-Saver

- Busy Channel Lockout

- Time-Out-Timer

- Low-Battery Alert

- Tri-Colour LED

- Wired Clone

2. Specifications


Frequency Range

144 - 174 MHz

Number of Channels

16 channels

Channel Spacing
Wide / Narrow

25 kHz / 12.5 kHz

Channel Step

5, 6.25 kHz

Operating Voltage

7.5 V DC ±20 %

Battery Life
(5-5-90 duty cycle, save off )
with KNB-63L

Approx. 10 hours

Operating Temperature

-20°C ~ +60°C

Frequency Stability

2.5 ppm

Antenna Impedance

50 Ω

Channel Frequency Spread

40 MHz

Dimensions (W x H x D),
Projections not Included

Radio only

54 x 113 x 14 mm

with KNB-63L

54 x 113 x 24.9 mm

Weight (net)

Body only

Approx. 130 g

with KNB-63L

Approx. 203 g


Sensitivity (12 dB SINAD)

Wide / Narrow

0.25 μV / 0.28 μ


Wide / Narrow

70 dB / 60 dB

Intermodulation Distortion

Wide / Narrow

65 dB / 60 dB

Spurious Response

60 dB

Audio Distortion

Less than 5 %

Audio Output

500 mW / 8 Ω


RF Power Output (High / Low)

4 W / 1 W

Spurious Response

65 dB


Wide / Narrow

16K0F3E / 11K0F3E

FM Hum & Noise

Wide / Narrow

45 dB / 40 dB

Audio Distortion

Less than 5 %

3. Shipping

4. Payment Terms

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